The Short Story: Developed by farmers for farmers.

A majority of the founding team grew up on a family farm.

After several years of prototyping, we founded Rogo to solve the challenges in Agricultural soil sampling.

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In a bit more detail...

Rogo is a quickly growing Ag-Tech company headquartered in West Lafayette, IN, that builds and operates autonomous robots (see Video) to help farmers get more consistent soil samples to ultimately apply their fertilizer more efficiently.

Our team respects each other deeply, while at the same debating ideas fiercely to get to the best solution.  At Rogo, a growth mindset trumps knowledge and actual results trump effort. 

The Team

West Lafayette Crew
Bluffton Crew


Troy Fiechter

Focus: Mechanical Product R&D, Sampling Operations

Drew Schumacher

Focus: Business Growth, 

Software R&D

Board of Advisors

Greg Willoughby
Ph.D. Agronomist, Helena Chemical Company

Agronomist and Technical Manager of the North Central US for Helena Agri-Enterprises, to provide us deep insight into soil and a large fertilizer company.

Brian Vulgamore
Owner, Vulgamore Family Farms

Leader in a large family farm with a majority of acreage in Kansas, to challenge us from a customer perspective and share industry insights and connections.

Chad Aeschliman
Vice President of Analytics, DTN

Ph.D. Computer Engineer, currently leading analytics at at DTN (previously Spensa Tech.), guiding us on control algorithms, software, and data analysis.

Dave Mowers
Agronomist and Ag Consultant, Independent

Agronomist and Consultant with a soil lab, to keep us focused on soil health, provide soil lab perspective, and understand key new ideas in the industry.

Bryan Meyer
Automation Engineer, Control-IT

Robotics Automation E.E. and Consultant with over 20+ years of industry experience, to advise us on the automation of control systems.