​Do you struggle with soil sampling management?

Difficult to find quality-focused samplers?
Is soil sampling your bottleneck to more clients?
Tired of having to micro-manage your samplers?
Need more innovation to attract & retain clients?
Wondering if you could take quality to the next level?
Wish you could focus on growing your core business?

We get it.

We get your customers. Our CEO is a farmer and knew there had to be a better way to sample soil.

"With autonomous GPS pulling from the same spots every 3 years, we can see how nutrients change, and know when to cut back or add them, increasing our operation's profit. This and the sample quality is why we are a customer."

Scott Eikholt, Commercial Farmer

Successful Farming - Innovation Showcase Winner

"The day that I met the Rogo team I knew we were once more at the threshold of the next step in sampling technology. This is as close to perfect repeatability as we may ever get."

Herb Steffen, GMS Soil Labs Owner

How to tackle your challenges.

1. Sign

Talk to us to select 

the right service level,

then sign up.

2. SmartCore 

We take SmartCore to

the field and it collects

samples autonomously.

3. Lab 

Samples are shipped

to the selected lab

and analyzed.

4. Get High 
Quality Results

Accurate results are

delivered to the farmer

and/or agronomist.

5. Repeat for Trends

SmartCore will return

within inches, so proper

trend analysis can occur.

Our Guarantee:

We'll Sample Acres Accurately, Safely and Professionally

What you will accomplish.

Eliminate Management Pain

Stop searching for high-quality samplers, and eliminate hiring and management pain.

Impress with Innovation

Impress your customers and stand out from your competitors with next-level sampling quality.


Retain current customers and attract new ones with your superior value proposition.

Low Risk Investment

Provided as a service, to reduce upfront cost & risk, so you can invest in your core business.

How much is soil sampling management costing you?

How much time do you spend looking 
for quality-focused soil samplers?
How much time and focus do you 
burn on managing soil-samplers?
How many new customers could you 
win with innovative sampling?
How much could you invest into your 
core business growth without sampling?