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Resources Center

​​Welcome to the Our Resources Center where you can learn all about the state of soil sampling.

Videos and Podcasts

Robotic Sampler

Watch our fully autonomous sampler seamlessly sample Indiana corn fields. 

Semi-Autonomous Sampler

Watch our semi-autonous soil sampler work through a research test plot in Indiana. 

Founders Share their Story

Hear our founders discuss the future of robotic soil sampling. 

Troy Fiechter on  AgriNovus Podcast

Hear Rogo Founder Troy Fiecther speak about the future of soil sampling on the AgriNovus Podcast.

Josh Furrer, Indiana Grower Testimonial

Listen to Indiana Farmer Josh Furrer explain how robotic soil sampling helps him save money on fertilzer.

Robots Revolutionizing Soil Sampling

Founder Drew describes Rogo's latest robotic soil sampler and how it improves upon traditional sampling

Customer Stories

Ceres Solutions Testimonial

Read how Ceres eliminates their labor pain and provides accurate soil sampling. 

Read the case study

IlliniFS Testimonial

Read how Illini FS take more accurate soil cores and develops new learning.

Read the case study

Trent Hall, Grower Testimonial

Read how Central Indiana farmer Trent gets more accurate soil sampling through Rogo.

Download the Case Study

Beck's Hybrids Production Testimonial

See how Beck's Hybrids uses Rogo for more efficient sampling for their production farm.

Coming Soon

PFR Research Study

Read our research study results with Beck's PRF to see how robotic sampling can decrease fertilizer bill swings.

Download the Study

Read the Ceres Solutions Case Study

The biggest value that Rogo provides to Ceres is accuracy and reliability. With Rogo we are given the data to the exact core. It’s proven accuracy with the data. We can turn in acres to Rogo and we know it will be done right.” 

Read the Case Study

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