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Operations Manager - Full-time

Operations Manager - Full-time

    • Job Description

      • Manage all sampling operations (heavy fall/spring/light winter) and assist in secondary key area during off-season (sales or engineering or production)

      • Schedule & deliver sampling jobs factoring in deadlines, weather

      • Manage geographically dispersed robot operators, and maintenance team

      • Manage & keep customers happy with sampling job lead times

      • Provide first line of support on in-field issues, before engineering

      • Manage data/info flow, process, equipment, etc

      • Semi-frequent travel (20%) across Midwest

      • Your team: you will have robot operators and mechanic(s) to support you

    • Goals

      • Optimize efficiency (acres/time) and costs ($/ac) of nationally growing service

      • Keep people and equipment safe and healthy

    • Skillset

      • Desired Skills: Leadership of Ops People, High Responsibility & Deadline Mgmt, Problem Solving, Process/Efficiency Focus, “Off-Season” Skill, Basic computer skills

      • Desired Mindset: Humble to learn, Hungry for results and passionate about robots and/or agriculture

    • Compensation / Benefits

      • Salary ($50-75K range, based on experience)

      • Bonus based on Operational Performance (Service Margin/Profit)

    • Desired Start Date:

      • Fall 2019 (August)

Robot Operator - Part-Time, Temporary for Fall

Robot Operator - Part-Time, Temporary

    • Job Description

      • Transport robots between fields and deploy them

      • Solve in-field issues and pull-in engineering support if needed

      • Relax/organize/maintain in truck when robot is running in field

      • Ensure samples labeled and shipped accurately and on-time

      • Frequent overnight travel (50%+) across Midwest

      • Variety of job shifts - day through nighttime operation

    • Goals

      • Cover as many acres as possible

      • Maintain robot and equipment machine health

    • Skillset

      • Desired Skills: Problem Solving Skills, 10,000 lb Trailer Driving, Light equipment maintenance, Basic Computer Skills

      • Desired Mindset: Humble to learn, Hungry for results and passionate about robots and/or agriculture

    • Compensation / Benefits

      • Target Pay ~$15/hr (Hourly Base + Individual & Team Bonuses)

      • Off-Duty and sleep time will not be paid while travelling - it’s part of the job

      • Opportunity to join full time team if performance is exceptional

    • Desired Start Date / End Date:

      • Sep 15 - Dec 15 estimated. 

      • Might have opportunity to sample warmer US areas after Dec 15


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