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Rogo is a quickly growing Ag-Tech company headquartered in West Lafayette, IN, that builds and operates autonomous robots (see Video) to help farmers get more consistent soil samples to ultimately apply their fertilizer more efficiently.

Our team respects each other deeply, while at the same debating ideas fiercely to get to the best solution.  At Rogo, a growth mindset trumps knowledge and actual results trump effort. Meet our team HERE

Join us on our path to improve both Precision Agriculture and the peoples’ lives we touch along the way (including our own team).

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Lead Robotics Software Engineer

Lead Robotics Software Developer

Job Description

  • Overall:Take ownership of all software development at Rogo and make the robot more efficient & effective, safer and easier to use.  

  • Modify and build software that controls & monitors robot’s navigation and actions

  • Operate in Agile/Scrum framework to deliver chunks of business value

  • Help leadership investigate, estimate and prioritize product backlog items (Agile)

  • Examples of Potential Projects:

  • Changing path following algorithms to increase speed & efficiency

  • Enable operator to launch & monitor robot more efficiently

  • Implementing sensors & algorithms for obstacle & terrain handling

  • Current stack: Python on ROS Melodic on Linux Ubuntu for Robot control, PLC Ladder Logic for Sampler Control, Lambda AWS Code for Mission Prep

Desired Profile

  • Real Project Experience in: Robotics, Electro-Mechanical Systems

  • Minimum Skills:  Linux, C++ or Python, Ideally CMake

  • Bonus Skills (not required): CMake > ROS > > Minimalist UI

  • Mindset: Humble to learn broadly and hungry for results

Key Requirements

  • Have minimum skills listed above

  • Able to start sometime in March - June 2019

  • Willing to work in Lafayette, Indiana (1 hour from Indianapolis)

Compensation / Benefits

  • Full-Time Salary ($60-$90K based on experience)

  • PTO - 2-3 weeks depending on experience

Robot Operator

Robot Operator

  • Job Description

    • Transport robots between fields and deploy them

    • Frequent travel during fall and spring busy season (Winter less busy and summer least busy).  

  • Goals

    • Cover as many fields as possible

    • Maintain robot health

  • Desired Profile

    • Desired Skills: Light equipment maintenance, Basic Computer Skills, Solid driving record, Basic Mechanical & Electrical problem solving

    • Desired Mindset: Humble to learn, Hungry for results and willing to Hustle

  • Compensation

    • Full-Time Salary Position

    • Bonus based on Personal Acres Sampled & Total Team Acres Sampled

    • Extra PTO

  • Desired Start Date:

    • Always Open - Typically Spring or Fall


Work with exciting Ag-technology for a purpose.

Work with an amazing, quickly growing team.

Challenge yourself to grow in many different areas.


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