How is the SmartCore different?

Unparalleled Extraction

‌Fully representative cores with complete depth control and no contamination — using a patent pending, high-speed and self-cleaning auger.

Core Repeatability

‌Returns to core every season within inches using RTK GPS and Nav. algorithms — reducing variance so you can properly analyze nutrient trends.

Zero Human Error

‌No human errors or manipulation due to autonomous navigation, sampling and packaging — giving you the assurance it's done right, every time.

Low Risk Investment

‌Provided as a service by the acre — allowing you to reduce your upfront cost and risk, receive superior service, and get future product improvements.

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Wondering how it benefits you?

For Service Providers
For Commercial Farmers

Is the SmartCore Safe?

Stays in fields using boundary algorithms
Avoids obstacles using Lidar sensors
Warns people using lights and sounds
Shuts down easily with accessible E-stops
Monitored while in action
Immediate shutdown if any obstacle contact

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Complex Technology, but a Simple Process

1. Sign

Talk to us to select 

the right service level,

then sign up.

2. SmartCore 

We take SmartCore to

the field and it collects

samples autonomously.

3. Lab 

Samples are shipped

to the selected lab

and analyzed.

4. Get High 
Quality Results

Accurate results are

delivered to the farmer

and/or agronomist.

5. Repeat for Trends

SmartCore will return

within inches, so proper

trend analysis can occur.

Our Guarantee:

We'll Sample Acres Accurately, Safely and Professionally

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