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Appy to our Engineering Team!
Apply to be a Robot Operator!
Robot Operator - Recurring Seasonal & Full-Time
  • Job Description

    • Transport robots between fields and deploy them (for fully-autonomous bots) or run them (for semi-autonomous bots)

    • Solve in-field issues and pull-in engineering support if needed

    • Frequent overnight travel (50%+) throughout Midwest

    • Typically work 3 days per week, ~15 hrs/day (7 AM-10 PM)

    • Recurring seasonal position: August to December & March to May
    • Offseason not paid
  • Goals

    • Cover as many fields as possible

    • Maintain robot and equipment health

  • Desired Skillset

    • Skills: Critical thinking & problem solving, 10,000 lb. trailer driving, Light equipment maintenance, Basic computer skills

    • Mindset: Responsible, humble & ready to learn, results hungry, and passionate about robotics and/or agriculture

  • Compensation / Benefits

    • Hourly pay based on experience

    • Paid bi-weekly

    • Life Flexibility: Recurring Seasonal Position (Sept - Dec & Mar - May)

  • Desired Start Date:

    • Starting at

Operations Director (Robotics)

Job Description:

Mission: Manage the deployment & scaling of our robotic soil sampling as a service solution as we become the largest worldwide soil sampling company, scaling from the central Midwest across the USA and internationally, growing from 300K acres to 5M acres in next several years.


  • Manage ops team (field, backoffice, maintenance, t1 support) to deliver service at scale
  • Manage all tangible assets: fleet, inventory, property
  • Execute service according to sold expectations, while maximizing profit & safety
  • Hire, train, evaluate, coach, fire in order to succeed (team size growing from 30 to 200+)
  • Cement value-driven customer relationships - resulting in zero net churn
  • Track & quantify problems for engineering to focus on

General Information About Business Model:

  • Ops Season: 40% fall harvest season, 40% spring planting season, 20% winter season
  • Service: Robotic Soil Sampling Services sold per acre to optimize fertilizer application
  • Remote mgmt: Rigs are built to be deployed in the field-for days on end
  • Variables: different deadlines, weather, maintenance in the field, travel logistics

Desired Profile:


  • Great communicator, problem definer and solver, core values fit
  • Breakdown problems with numbers, design & execute tests, analyze and interpret data
  • Computer literacy (ppt, excel, docs, proj mgmt tools, reporting)

Core Skills:

  • Driven to achieve massive results and comfortable with calculated risk
  • Clear Plan Creation: Budgets, People, Roles, Deadlines, Handoffs
  • Excellent leadership: clear desired results, accountability & growth-coaching
  • Numbers-Based Management: define goals, measure real progress, hit targets
  • Process Oriented: crank operations machine faster and more efficiently

Core Experience:

  • Successfully leading field operations team (5+ yrs)
  • Building & executing operational plans on target (costs & KPIs) (5+ yrs)
  • Managing operations process, training & improvement


  • Hyper-Growth Experience, Geographic Scaling

Start Date & Location

  • Start in Nov 2020 - Early 2021; Willing to work in Wolcott, IN / Lafayette, IN area

Compensation / Benefits

  • Full-Time Salary (based on market, experience & skills).
  • 401K
  • PTO - Flexible Vacation Plan (Self-managed as long as you get your work done)

Why apply?

  • Work with exciting Ag-technology for a purpose.
  • Work with an amazing, quickly growing team.
  • Challenge yourself to grow in many different areas.


Work with exciting Ag-technology for a purpose.

Work with an amazing, quickly growing team.

Challenge yourself to grow in many different areas

Apply now!