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Why Rogo

Get more accurate soil data to make fertilizer management decisions and grow your operation. 

We help farmers make better fertilizer decisions. 

Robotic sampling provides the farmer unprecedented insight into the sampling process and allows growers to build a sustainable fetilizer management program. 

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Our Approach

Take the guesswork out of sampling and build a cost-effective fertilizer program. 

Unparalleled Extraction

Accurate  cores with complete depth control and no contamination — high-speed and self-cleaning auger.

Accuracy and Accountability 

‌Returns to core every season within inches so you can properly analyze nutrient trends.

No Human Sampling Errors

‌No human errors or  due to autonomous navigation, sampling and packaging. 

Low Risk Investment

‌Provided as a service by the acre — allowing you to reduce your upfront cost and risk.

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Wondering how it benefits you?

Ag Retailers

A simple process to get high-quality results.

A simple 4-step process to build your accurate sampling program.

1. Sign

Talk to us to select 

the right service level,

then sign up.

2. Robot

We take the robot to

the field and it collects

samples autonomously.

3. Lab 

Samples are shipped

to the selected lab

and analyzed.

4. Get High 
Quality Results

Accurate results are

delivered to the farmer

and/or agronomist.

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See how Ceres Solutions uses robotic soil sampling

The biggest value that Rogo provides to Ceres is accuracy and reliability. With Rogo we are given the data to the exact core. It’s proven accuracy with the data. We can turn in acres to Rogo and we know it will be done right.” 

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Make better fertilizer management decisions and eliminate the struggle of soil sampling. Reserve your acres today. 

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