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  • Your sampling program needs an upgrade.
    Soil sampling has not changed for 40 years. Build a modern fertility program with robotic soil sampling.

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Build your fertility program with accurate soil data.

Robotic soil sampling gives farmers and ag retailers better insight to make better fertilizer management decisions.

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Get soil data you can trust. 

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Build your nutrient management program. 

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What precision ag leaders are saying about robotic sampling

Matt Clark, Ceres

"With Rogo we are given the data to the exact core. It’s proven accuracy with the data. We can turn in acres to Rogo and we know it will be done right."

Trent Hall, Farmer

“Working with Rogo is a very easy process.” From taking the samples to sending those samples to the lab for testing, Rogo streamlines the entire soil sampling process for any farmer or retailer."

Howard Brown, IlliniFS

"Robotic sampling  has increased sampling precision and accuracy, minimizing the amount of sampling error that plagues manual sample collection.  

Erich Hassler, Becks Hybrids Production

"With Rogo, we are provided reliable sampling so I can spend my time elsewhere."

Accurate soil sampling in your fields.

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1,000,000 Accurate Cores Collected

372,ooo Acres Sampled Robotically

80,000 Tons of Lime Saved

by either elimination or by instead going to a spot that actually needs it.
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Educate yourself on the facts of soil sampling today

Learn from a variety of guides, case studies, videos and more to help you build a modern fertility program.

Learn about sampling

Case Study - Indiana ag coop eliminates seasonal sampling pain

Read how Ceres Solutions eliminate their labor pain and provides more accurate soil sampling. 

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Case Study - Illinois ag retailer takes more accurate soil cores

Read how Illini FS take more accurate soil cores and develops new learning about soil profiles.  

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Research Study - Learn how robotics optimizes fertilizer by 10%

Read our research study with Beck's PFR to compare traditional vs. hand sampling approaches. 

Read the research study

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Make better fertilizer management decisions and eliminate the struggle of soil sampling. Reserve your acres today. 

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